We are wholesaler of aquarium- and pet products to the specialized pet trade shops in Finland. Amazon Oy is a family business founded 1953. Third generation is already working in the company. In the beginning Amazon created basis for expert knowledge in the pet business by having aquarium- and petshop for over 20 years. Our strongest area has always been aquarium products. Besides we have accessories for birds, rodents, cats and dogs. Nowadays our business is wholesale of aquarium- and pet products to specialized pettrade shops all over the country.

From our wide range you can find products from fishfood to fine aquarium combinations. Bird- and rodent cages with accessories, cat- and dog transport boxes, toys and accessories.

We represent following leading trade marks in Finland:
Eheim, Juwel, Ferplast, Porta21, Antos, Arcadia, Witte Molen, Seachem etc.. Quality products, sparepart service, availability, quick deliveries and expert knowledge are bases of our business idea. Specialized pet trade shops are selling our products all over the country.


Amazon Oy
Koskelontie 16 B
002940 Espoo
tel. +358 9 7562050
e-mail: info@amazonpet.fi